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AMSC X MSAM 吉隆玻 🇲🇾 會議






感謝主辦單位Dr Ting Song Lim 以及 Dr Benji Teoh的邀請。也恭喜大會圓滿成功。

Glad to be invited to participate in AMSCxMSAM

Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Finally get to fly again, meeting old and new friends in person.

It is my pleasure to share our experience and new innovations in the diagnosis of pigmentary disorders. We also share our new results of the double blind, randomized control trials of isobionicamide cysteamine in treating post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Special Thanks to Dr Ting Song Lim and Dr Benji Teoh for the kind invitation and warm hospitality.

#馬來西亞 #吉隆玻 #AMSC #MSAM


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